Industrial Locker Room

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Bespoke Industrial Locker Room Designers

Arkinstall supplies locker and storage solutions across several industries, including the industrial sector. Our lockers can be custom built to specific locker room specifications and can be tailored to have additional storage solutions such as additional shelves, benches, and stands. Our lockers come in a selection of standard sizes, as well as bespoke options.

All our lockers combine robust materials, intelligent locking solutions, skilled manufacturing, and a selection of sizes to suit all users. Our varying sizes of lockers are designed to fit any kit bags, equipment bags and personal belongings comfortably, while still being tall/short enough to comfortably use.


Welded Mesh

Welded mesh lockers provide an ideal solution in areas where employees work in damp conditions allowing wet / damp clothing to be hung and dried during off shift periods.


Widely used in across multiple industries including food processing, construction and highways mesh lockers are affordable, easy to clean (they can be hosed down ! ). Their small surface area means there is no where for dirt and bacteria to hide.


They also offer a high level of visual security and mesh lockers are pad lockable so there is no ongoing cost of lock maintenance.


Although we have a wide range of ‘standard’ sizes mesh products as with all Arkinstall products we can manufacture to the users specific requirements.

Our range of welded mesh Personal Effects lockers are supplied to a number of major pub chains and retail outlets and are ideal for shift worker requiring to store small belongings, bags, ect.


whilst they are front of house. Being a multi – user solution they take up little room where space is usually at a premium and as staff provide their own padlocks there are no ongoing costs for the provider.


The contents being visible is also an advantage in areas where pilfering is an issue. PE lockers come in a number of sizes and can be finished in zinc or powder coated.

How to make the most of locker room space

When it comes to locker room design, it’s important to consider both function and aesthetics. Arkinstall offers a range of bespoke products that can help you achieve the perfect balance of both. As it takes more than just rearranging furniture or adding a new bench to maximise the available space…

When it comes to locker room design, it’s important to consider both function…

Image shows football locker room iwth tshirt hanging

Do you need help with your project?

Whether you have an empty room you need designing or you have a CAD drawing you want brought to life, we are the people for you. Let us know your requirements below.