Specialist/Mesh Storage

A wide range of storage solutions specifically for your requirment.

Whether it is just a case of keeping the place tidy or perhaps you are looking for a secure solution, Arkinstall will try and help by designing a solution that will maximise the use of available space and provide an economic, practical and functional resolution specifically for your needs.

And if you are looking to store something ‘unusual’ and can’t find an ‘off the shelf’ solution, better still !

We have devised and manufactured storage for gas cylinders, butchers knives, hose reels, lacrosse sticks, portable storage, wellington boots, canoes, shoes, kitchen utensils, wet suits, spare tyres, laundry ……………. and much, much more. If you can’t find the product to address your unique problem, get in touch with us to discuss a unique solution.

Our client required to store primary school pupils coats and lunch boxes but did not have the luxury of a designated cloakroom area.

We designed CloakCaddy as an economical solutionwhich can be loaded at the start of the school day and then rolled out of the way, perhaps up the corner of a classroom, until the children are ready to depart.

Do you need help with your project?

Whether you have an empty room you need designing or you have a CAD drawing you want brought to life, we are the people for you. Let us know your requirements below.