Storage Solutions for the Education Sector

The education sector is always growing and evolving, and as such, so are its needs. One need that is consistent within the education sector is their space and storage requirements. Additionally, more and more demands are being placed on school administrators to provide the best possible learning environment for their students.

One area that can often be neglected in this effort is storage. Despite having a fair amount of space, schools still may not have sufficient space to accommodate all their needs, as well as the storage requirements of their staff and students.

Fortunately, there are several storage solutions available to the education sector that can help address these needs. Each institution will have its own unique requirements. For example, a primary school’s storage needs will be very different from a college or secondary school.

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Unique Requirements

There is a wide range of storage solutions available for the education sector. It is important to consider the unique requirements of your institution in order to select the best storage option for you. Arkinstall is here to help you with all your bespoke storage needs.

This blog aims to highlight some of the most useful school storage solutions, including bespoke lockers, cloakroom furniture, and more.


Primary school

Primary schools house the youngest students, starting from nursery age. For this reason, their storage requirements will need to be slightly easier to use and more aesthetically pleasing. Primary schools will often utilise smaller storage spaces for items like coats, schoolbags, and lunchboxes to suit the younger children.

Cube lockers

Cube lockers are usually a popular choice for primary schools due to their versatility. They fit easily into smaller spaces, and they can be stacked to create larger structures. Additionally, bespoke lockers can be manufactured in a variety of colours, which make them lovely features for your school cloakroom, serving both storage and aesthetic purposes.

Bespoke lockers

Lockers are fantastic solutions to student and staff storage requirements. Bespoke school lockers are ideal for staff rooms, communal spaces, PE rooms, and much more.

Our Arkinstall lockers come in a variety of sizes and materials to suit your requirements. We have an anti-bacterial coating for PE locker rooms with high humidity, as well as various smart locking technologies, perfect for versatile use and suitable for children and adults.

Additionally, bespoke lockers can be designed to fit your specific space requirements and offer the best security.

School cloakroom storage

Other storage solutions include cloakroom storage for personal items like coats and bags. School cloakroom furniture comes in various shapes and sizes and can be manufactured bespoke to suit your cloakroom space.

Cloakroom storage can be as simple as small trays to leave belongings, peg and hook shelving, storage baskets, bench and peg seating/storage, and much more.

There is a wide range of storage solutions available for the education sector. It is important to consider the unique needs of your institution first in order to select the best storage option for you.

Arkinstall is here to help you with all your bespoke storage needs. Get in touch today for more information regarding bespoke storage solutions.

Secondary school

Older children in secondary school will have more personal belongings to carry with them, including PE equipment, books and possibly instruments. For this reason, the storage requirements for secondary schools will vary slightly and require larger and more robust storage requirements.

Storage solutions for secondary schools focus mainly on effective space management, personal belonging storage, equipment storage, and safety. Secondary schools will benefit from storage lockers of various materials, sizes, and depths to maximise their storage capacity and utilise free space.

While secondary schools do not have cloakroom storage, they do still require space to hold student and staff belongings. Bespoke lockers are usually the preferred option as they can be manufactured for your exact needs, as well as fit your aesthetic requirements.

PE lockers

PE and sports lockers and storage facilities are really important for the education sector. While they serve the same function, sports and wet area lockers will need to be more robust, more secure, and durable to withstand daily use, knocks and bumps. Additionally, sports lockers require an anti-bacterial coating to withstand bacteria build-up due to the locker room humidity and frequent use.

Staff lockers

Staff and student lockers are equally important, as they provide ample space to house personal belongings safely and securely. Arkinstall offers a variety of locking technologies for individual assigned lockers or multi-person use that maximise storage space and prioritise security.

No matter what level of education you’re a part of, storage is essential. If you work in the education sector and you’re looking for ways to maximise your storage and refurbish your storage spaces, get in touch today to discuss your options and what Arkinstall can do for you.


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