The summer break took us to St Piran’s Independent Preparatory School in Maidenhead; where we were called upon by Facilities Manager, Richard Scaldwell for the supply of changing and storage facilities as part of their refurbishment of the Boys Changing Room.

Taking advantage of our free site visit, we discussed the school’s requirements of accommodating 135 pupils with a robust product that would best utilise the space and ‘stand-out’ in style.

Working within a budget meant that the preferred option for Solid Grade Laminate was not feasible for all parts of the manufacture; so, we suggested a cheaper option which also maintained strength and durability…

Each changing ‘pod’ (catering 6 pupils), was manufactured from Royal Blue laminated MDF lipped in Lavender trim, (to match the steel seat frame and shoe baskets) and nylon coat hooks.

The ‘pods’ were then mounted on Solid Grade Laminate seat tops to provide the most robust material in the most vulnerable area whilst keeping within budget.

If you are stuck for ideas but wanting something ‘different’, this project is a great example of how we can cater for different styles, materials and colours to differentiate your changing rooms from more traditional and ‘institutionalised’ common styles.

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