How Arkinstall can help with your bespoke storage needs

Storage is a sought-after necessity that every sector, industry, and individual look for.

But most fail to maximise the storage space available to them. This could be in part due to struggling to find suitable storage units or equipment, or unable to utilise the space they have due to other circumstances.

That’s why Arkinstall, a leading provider of storage solutions and bespoke lockers, can provide a large range of storage solutions that are both efficient and stylish.

When planning your storage needs, there are several factors to consider. We’ve broken down how Arkinstall can help with your bespoke storage needs in this helpful blog.


What to consider


Your budget will play an important part in deciding which storage solution is best for you. Depending on the type of sector, you can tweak your budget to include other accessories or elements to your storage needs, such as additional shelving, bespoke benches, or lockable units.

Arkinstall’s bespoke changing room lockers are designed to offer excellent value for money. We can work with you to create a storage solution that meets your specific needs and requirements.



Space is often a key consideration when planning storage. The space you have available will determine the type and number of storage units you can have.

This can also influence the design and layout, as well as if you can have other elements such as benches, designed bespoke to your facility or the type of lockers or storage units you can have.

Whether you are looking to design a new bespoke gym changing room or personal staff storage area, Arkinstall’s lockers and bespoke storage solutions are designed to maximise space and efficiency.



Your layout of where you position any bespoke lockers or benches is also important. You need to consider how people will move around the space and what they will be using the storage for too.

It’s important to also consider who largely will be using the facility. If your facility will need to be accessed by disabled, you will need to consider what type of storage would be most suitable for their needs.

With over 50 years of industry experience, Arkinstall can advise on the most suitable storage solutions for your needs, offering high-quality results and customised products, from commercial lockers and bespoke benches to emergency services and school lockers.



Make sure to also factor in other elements, such as if your storage needs require a wet area or if it must adhere to cultural or religious specifications, like for example, a mosque.

Your storage solutions should not have to compromise on looks and should be stylish and practical to fit your needs. Bespoke lockers ensure you can create an entirely bespoke locker room space to your unique needs.

Other intricate design elements, like incorporating company branding or whether it’s tailored more towards staff or customers can also influence the correct storage solution for you that is both efficient and elegant.

Arkinstall’s team of experts can advise on the most suitable storage solutions to suit you. We work with you to create a bespoke storage solution that meets your specific needs, requirements, and budget.


Education storage

For schools, the main storage needs are often for schoolbags and sports kits for students.

Arkinstall offers a range of bespoke school lockers that are perfect for schoolbooks, as well as a range of changing room lockers that are both efficient and stylish. Education storage is essential and will need to suit a variety of ages and uses, as well as manufactured for strength and durability for long-term use.

Each of our school cloakroom furniture can be used for storing goods, whether freestanding or fixed to the walls. Arkinstall can advise on the best solution to suit your needs.


Emergency Services storage

Whether it’s for hospitals, fire stations or police precincts, the main storage need for emergency services tends to be on PPE, equipment, and personal belongings.

Arkinstall has extensive experience in designing bespoke emergency services storage areas and lockers, creating units that are built to prolong the life of equipment by ensuring it is stored securely and safely.

For hospitals, the main storage needs are for medical staff’s personal belongings, as well as any additional equipment, a change of clothes, etc. We offer special anti-microbial coated lockers, 3-point locking mechanisms and combination lock storage units that provide a secure way to store goods.

Our diverse locking options are perfect for single person usage, or shared locker facilities and always ensure use of ease, durability and strength.


Sports & Leisure storage

For sports clubs and leisure facilities, the main storage needs are often changing facilities for users as well as equipment storage. Sports and leisure facilities are diverse to account for a variety of users’ needs and requirements.

At Arkinstall, we provide practical storage facilities that comply with stringent health and safety standards, an important component of many building or refurbishment projects in the leisure industry.

With water-resistant bespoke benches and gym lockers, Arkinstall provides a range of storage solutions that not only maximises the space efficiently but are also designed specifically for your needs.


Commercial storage

For businesses, the main storage needs are for office supplies and equipment, designed for the benefit and use of the staff.

We stock a variety of commercial lockers that can come in steel, aluminium or timber-based materials to suit all working environments. This also provides comfort and security for your staff, giving them a secure place to house personal belongings and work resources.

Arkinstall can assist with creating the most efficient and aesthetically pleasing storage facility for your commercial setting. Our team of experts can advise on the most suitable storage solutions for your needs and requirements.


Storage solutions at Arkinstall

Arkinstall’s bespoke lockers and benches are designed to maximise space and efficiency, while also being stylish and practical. With over 50 years of experience, Arkinstall has established itself as a trusted supplier of custom-built changing room lockers and specialist storage systems to a wide range of sectors.

From the education sector, retail, leisure, and emergency services, Arkinstall have the capacity and knowledge of working directly with the client or alongside an architect to find the most out of your storage needs. No matter the build, we provide a professional service throughout the supply process.

With a real focus on customer satisfaction, we aim to support and supply our clients with quality results on time, every time.

If you’re interested in working with Arkinstall or would like to learn more about our services, please do not hesitate to contact us.