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Design Ideas for Your Locker Room

Locker rooms are used in a variety of industries, from sports to law enforcement and everything in between. A well-designed locker room can make a big difference in employee satisfaction, functionality, and changing room usability. At Arkinstall, we create bespoke locker room storage solutions to suit any industry, workplace, or leisure facility. Almost every industry…
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Corporate Office Storage and Seating Solutions for an Organised Workplace

An office is more than a place of work, and an organised office environment makes a huge difference in regards to visual appeal, staff morale and overall office efficiency. Working from a messy desk, or shared office space can be a contributing factor to low work ethic and increased stress levels while at work. Maintaining…
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7 Best Swimming pool Changing Room ideas

Swimming is a great leisure and health activity. It is well-loved across the world and is great for leisure, fitness, or just a one-off activity, alone or with friends. Growing numbers of people have begun swimming to combat health issues, especially older adults. Your sports locker room or swimming changing room is a public area,…
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5 Tips to Design a Sports Locker Room

Sports locker rooms are an important part of the facilities you have to offer customers. A well maintained, functioning and clean sports locker room shows your guests the quality of your establishment. A good sports locker room offers a good first impression of your establishment and ensures guests of the quality of your services. Below…
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9 Different Types of School Lockers for Your Premises

Schools require a lot of storage space for the vast amount of learning resources and other equipment they have. Additionally, students require some space to keep their things. For this reason, school lockers are a great way to maximise storage space for individuals. Mini lockers: Mini lockers, much like the name suggests, are lockers designed…
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