Toughooks TM

The Nylon coat hook with a Lifetime Guarantee !!

If your Toughook ever breaks in normal use or gets vandalised, send us back the pieces, and we'll send you a new one.

Toughooks are unbreakable  plastic coat hooks that provide an affordable and attractive way to make your  cloakroom, changing room or workplace safer.

Toughooks  and all pigments are manufactured from Impact Modified Nylon PA6 and all pigments are food grade and therefore 100% safe and compliant.

 Toughooks significantly reduce the risk of eye and shoulder injuries and have smooth edges that won't injure or cause damage to property.  

Toughooks come in 3 sizes to fit absolutely anywhere and

come in 20 wonderful colours from Black to Canary Yellow or perhaps a neutral modern look in Grey or White.


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