A wide range of storage solutions specifically for your requirement.

Whether it is just a case of keeping the place tidy or perhaps you are looking for a secure solution, Arkinstall will try and help by designing a solution that will maximise the use of available space and provide an economic, practical and functional resolution specifically for your needs. And if you are looking to store something ‘unusual’ and can’t find an ‘off the shelf’ solution, better still !

Welded Mesh Systems offers personal and effects storage which can be manufactured to almost any configuration.

Steel lockers can be provided to store anything from a laptop or mobile phone to a complete set of firefighters uniform AND their bedding !

Bespoke mesh products provide the most customisable level of storage manufacture. We pride ourselves on the ingenuity of our designers, and work closely with our clients to develop the correct storage solution for them.

We have devised and manufactured storage for gas cylinders, butchers knives, hose reels, lacrosse sticks, portable storage, wellington boots, canoes, shoes, kitchen utensils, wet suits ……………. and much, much more. If you can’t find the product to address your unique problem, get in touch with us to discuss a unique solution.

Our made-to-measure enclosures provide secure room division where items need to be stored safely but within easy access of adjacent work areas. Manufactured to the exact dimensions of your space, and represent a seamless means of making the most of your environment.  

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