" If the work activity requires employees to change into specialist clothing (overalls, a uniform, thermal clothing etc ) the employer is required to provide sufficient changing facilities."

With space usually at a premium so ensuring that the correct choice of a locker system in a busy working environment is a must. Whether you are looking for a handful of lockers to store outdoor clothing or a work wear distribution system for hundreds Arkinstall can advise, plan and supply the appropriate products.

We also provide clean / dirty lockers to prevent employees' own clothing from coming into contact with work - soiled clothing and getting dirty or wet.

Welded mesh lockers provide an ideal solution in areas where employees work in damp conditions allowing wet / damp clothing to be hung and dried during off shift periods.

Widely used in across multiple industries including food processing, construction and highways mesh lockers are affordable, easy to clean (they can be hosed down ! ). Their small surface area means there is no where for dirt and bacteria to hide.

They also offer a high level of visual security and mesh lockers are padlockable so there is no ongoing cost of lock maintenance.

Although we have a wide range of 'standard' sizes mesh products as with all Arkinstall products we can manufacture to the users specific requirements.

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